Accept payments using the fastest growing face to face payment method in the UK

Contactless Payments

We offer terminals for contactless payments. Our contactless terminals can also collect Chip & PIN payments, so you won’t miss out on payments above £45.

We will soon be introducing solutions that take payments and also capture additional information such as Gift Aid.

Terminals can be rented by the day or longer, with purchase options available. You don’t need to be able to accept card payments already, to use this system, so there are solutions even for smaller organisations.

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All of RSM’s Chip and PIN devices support contactless payments

We provide everything you need in a way that is designed to work ‘out of the box’, including (if required) a paired smartphone to control the terminal. With RSM 2000’s Contactless solutions:
  • Our terminals either have WiFi built in and connect to the local WiFi or WiFi routers or 3G hotspots we supply, or if they use a separate mobile handset then we supply the handset. You don’t have the fuss of setting up or the extra cost of purchasing a mobile handset or 3G hotspots
  • You have the added security of knowing your data is not on a staff member’s mobile phone and transactions won’t be interrupted by personal calls or texts
  • Secure keypads for Chip & PIN transactions are always part of our terminals to process larger transactions or to meet card issuer security requirements.
  • Terminals can be configured to take contactless payments for the same fixed amounts, ideal for rapid processing in high footfall locations and fixed price purchases like books of raffle tickets

How do contactless payments work

How RSM 2000 Support Your Contactless Payments

Our terminals either come with the WiFi built in, or for our low cost solution the terminal comes supplied with a smartphone preloaded with an app that links to the card terminal via Bluetooth™ to manage the payment amount.

Typically terminals use WiFi to communicate with the internet and to our payment systems, and we can supply WiFi hotspots or rent out roaming mobile network data SIMs that will find the strongest available network signal.

If you are holding an event at a location like a hotel we can contact your event’s venue for you, to check the best solution to ensure a reliable service.

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