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Single Day "Card Payments in a Box" Package for just £149.00 (ex VAT)

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Are you looking for a short-term and robust way to accept card payments that is cost-effective, guaranteed to work in any environment, and most importantly, is highly reliable?  Have you looked at what is available but been put off by high costs and potential connectivity issues?

If so, then RSM 2000 has a solution which is unique in the payment sector and is a guaranteed method to increase the revenue that you generate at your events.

As a technology payment provider, RSM 2000 understands the issues that our clients face accepting card payments in remote locations or environments that do not have a reliable network available to them. We provide EventPay, a Wi-Fi-based card payment solution for all types of events, in any location, whether outside or indoors, even where traditional communications facilities are of poor quality or unavailable.

Best of all, for remote locations, you don’t need to worry about laying on broadband, a telephone line, or relying on dubious mobile signal strength as EventPay can be supplied with satellite-based internet access.

Who Would Benefit From EventPay?

EventPay was designed for those types of clients who have a short-term need to maximise revenue using well recognised and accepted payment technology.  Those types of clients that would see a real benefit from EventPay include:

  • UK Charities (Auctions, fundraising, gala dinners, outside events)
  • Festivals (Tickets on gates, parking, food and merchandise sales)
  • Shows (Indoor or outside)
  • Weddings (Where no reliable network is available to set up a payment facility)
  • Bars (Outside or indoors)
  • Outside Caterers (Mobile or static)
  • Auction Houses
  • And many, many more…


What does EventPay offer our clients?

  • Maximise sales during busy periods, such as exhibitions, shows and sporting events.
  • No long-term contracts or leases – Hire our terminals for a minimum of 1 day! You only pay for the days the event is underway.  
  • Indoor events - A simple transaction fee and daily hire charge per terminal. All other hardware is provided free.
  • Outdoor events - – Hire our state-of-the-art satellite service with staff for your bigger events where connectivity is a real issue.  We will manage the whole process for you.
  • No merchant account required!  We simply provide you with a means to accept card payments securely.  And for repeat clients, it’s even simpler as your account is valid for a year and we can provide further terminals to you on request.
  • American Express – For a low one-off fee per terminal, we can also configure the terminal(s) to accept American Express transactions using your own Amex Merchant ID.
  • We provide dedicated wireless access points, preconfigured for securely connecting to our “Plug and Play” terminals .
  • Paper rolls supplied free.
  • Free Telephone support for the duration of your event.


The key facts that you need to know about taking card payments with EventPay.

  • Unlike other chip and PIN terminal providers, we are not reliant on the availability of a mobile data signal. We provide pre-configured Wi-Fi access points and Wi-Fi terminals, set-up and tested to work together.
  • Our remote location technology is built on satellite communications, the same technology that is used to send real-time outside broadcasts for the major News and Sports channels.
  • For event organisers of remote events, card transactions for gate entry charges, or even car parking, becomes a fast and reliable option.
  • A dedicated credit card terminal using Wi-Fi is fast and reliable and you don’t have to rely on using your mobile ‘phone or tablet devices.
  • Customers usually have a limited amount of cash with them at events and there are often no cash machines available.  They will often spend more per transaction where cards are accepted, meaning increased sales for you.
  • Adopting our technology means your cash handling costs and the amount of cash you need to bank are reduced. 
  • We manage the whole process for you. We’ll provide one or more terminals for as long as you need it for your event. For your smaller, ad-hoc events, we will pre-configure and despatch the necessary equipment to you by courier so all you have to do is unpack, plug in and process payments.
  • We will also arrange collection of all the equipment after your event and most importantly you only get charged for the days that the event is open, not for time in transit.
  • For your larger, multi-day events, we can arrange to have one of our staff attend your event to deliver the terminals and access point(s) by hand and ensure that all users, whether your staff or stall holders (for the larger, outdoor events) are ready to process payments the day the event opens.
  • RSM2000’s Master Merchant status avoids the need to obtain a MID from a bank. RSM2000 is registered with the FCA as a Small Payments Institution and all funds are handled via a Trust account, so you can have the confidence that every transaction you process will settle to your nominated bank account within 7 working days after the event closes.
  • In a day-to-day environment, your customers are familiar and comfortable with making payments using Chip and PIN technology, which generates a paper receipt as a transaction is processed. With EventPay, they can feel confident that their debit or credit cards are being handled securely, and from a customer security perspective, all of RSM2000 payments solutions are PCI-DSS approved.


EventPay is a truly robust, reliable and cost effective method for any organisation wishing to accept payment by debit or credit card in any location, indoors or out.  We know our technology works and all it will take is a ten minute conversation with one of our team to be able to convince you as well, so for more information please contact us.

Single Day "Card Payments in a Box" Package for £149.00 (ex VAT)
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EventPay provides your organisation with a single day hire of a Wi-Fi Chip and PIN payment solution and one of our Wi-Fi access points, pre-configured to work together to ensure that you can collect payments by debit or credit card.

Our solutions are perfect for small shows, fund-raisers, auctions, gala fact any type of event where you would like to accept payment by debit or credit card. All you have to do is plug it in to an internet connection!

The key facts that you need to know about our EventPay payment solution...

  • We deliver all hardware to you. This includes a Wi-Fi Terminal, Wi-Fi Access Point, all cables and charging point, even some spare paper rolls!
  • Open the box, take out the hardware, plug it all in and away you go.
  • You pay a flat fee of £149.00 (ex VAT) for our package which includes all hardware, delivery and collection of all hardware and any debit or credit cards processed up to a combined transaction value of £2,000 on the day of your event, and any transactions over that are charged at 2.5% (ex VAT).
  • No merchant account required....we set up your terminal ready to accept payments, collect in all monies and settle to your bank account on your behalf.
  • Full telephone support in the eventuality you require any further assistance before, during or after the event.


If you want to accept card payments at your next gala dinner, fund-raiser, or other event then our Single Day "Card Payments in a Box" package is perfect for you. EventPay...real short-term, no hassle, reliable payment solutions that are simply ...plug and play


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    Need a card terminal?

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  • E-commerce


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